About us

Welcome to the Route 66 Streetfood trailer – our brush-steel burrito baby!

It loves healthy. It loves tasty.

It loves taco x

R66 Trailer - small

Take a mouth-watering trip down Route 66 to experience the bold, fresh Mexican flavours of Southern California.

We love homemade. When it’s not, it’s as local, sustainable and free from unnecessary additives or processes as we can possibly make it. No antipodean beef. No battery chickens. 

Lots of healthy goodness goes into making our burritos and tacos. They’re full of succulent, free-range chicken, char-grilled steak, beer-battered shrimp, homemade frijoles, sensational salsas and sauces…  

…we hope you love them as much as we do.

box tacos



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